constructED can collaborate with small grade level/departmental teams to whole school or district leadership teams to establish new habits, mindsets, and learning to grow culture and outcomes.

We also work with individual teachers as you navigate the challenges of teaching in this season!

Individual and Team Coaching Models

We can facilitate a variety of coaching structures depending on building needs and goals:

  • Individualized coaching emphasizing a range of data-driven goal areas

  • Team/small group coaching

  • PLC facilitation

New Teacher Mentorship

Offers one-on-one coaching and group learning for beginning teachers. This package will cover the gaps missed in teacher prep programs, from classroom management, trauma-informed practices, self-care and more. The goal is to empower new-to-the profession educators to keep them from becoming a statistic like so many who choose to leave the profession.

New teachers will:

  • Have bi-weekly online coaching sessions centered around goal areas (can be customized to each building)

  • Have access to monthly workshops around high-interest topics

  • Have access to a consultant over the duration of their first 3 years to text with questions or to talk through problems

Book Study Packages

Through meeting with a consultant, constructED will engage in a needs analysis with your leadership team to identify title(s) that will benefit your staff. In addition to identifying these resources, our team will facilitate discussions around the text, with tools and resources to help your staff implement the themes found in that book.

This can look like:

  • Title recommendations and question guides for each title (no facilitated sessions)

  • Book selection and small group study guide with activities for implementation (no facilitated sessions)

  • Book selection and guided discussions centered around growth areas for your staff/school (1-5 facilitated sessions)

  • Chapter by chapter facilitated discussion

High Turnover to High Commitment

Is your building continually facing high staff turnover? This workshop can build capacity among your leaderships team to build a supportive staff culture to help teachers apply and stay at your school.

constructED will facilitate:

  • Staff connection activities

  • Shared vision casting - create a shared culture and ownership over the school

  • Build staff-oriented leadership structure to increase voice and buy-in

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