These sessions are targeted approaches to curriculum design, systems-level processes, and innovative practices - from audits and redesigns of existing curricula to complete overhauls or content creation, these sessions will empower staff to construct powerful learning experiences for their students.

Our consulting and training services also extend beyond education into supporting nonprofits, agencies, municipalities, and more!

Basics of Trauma-Informed Practices

A look at trauma and brain research, applications in educational settings and strategies for supporting students and constructing resilience.


  • Build models and visuals of the brain to articulate the impact of trauma to students.

  • Discuss recent and historic research on the impacts of trauma on learning and development.

  • Review and practice strategies to support students experiencing trauma (currently or historically).

  • Develop an action plan for your specific context to implement these strategies consistently.

Project Based Learning Framework

This series of workshops can be customized to a particular theme, curricular area, or district-specific focus.

Workshops can range in depth and length covering a variety of themes and topics:

  • Basics of PBL

  • Fitting PBL into your Existing Curriculum

  • How to Create Authentic Audiences for Assessments

  • Competency-Based Assessments using Cross-Curricular PBL

  • Reinvigorate your PBL (for schools already implementing PBL)

Design Thinking and Improving Your School

This training will empower your staff to implement design thinking and continuous improvement protocols to continually and reflectively improve their practice.

  • Explore the overlap of design thinking and continuous improvement cycles

  • Establish protocols for staff planning sessions

  • Define building/team goals or build a plan of action around district goals with high staff buy-in

Community + Curriculum

Explore curricular themes and construct connections between the content and your local community. This professional development plan provides the school with a resource map of your surrounding community, helps build a framework for long-standing relationships with selected community resources and organizations (context experts), and begin to open the walls of the school building to authentic partnerships and learning opportunities.

Participants will...

  • Identify themes and patterns in current curriculum, paying attention to cross-curricular connections and themes.

  • Connect map of local community resources and businesses to curricular themes.

  • Construct their partnership "ask" and plan to build a mutually beneficial connection.

Windows + Mirrors

Part curriculum audit/review, part workshop, this training will empower staff to think critically about their content through the lens of representation and equity, supplementing and rewriting where needed and bringing learners and their experiences into the learning process.

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