We strive to offer enduring coaching, professional learning communities, and resources for teachers, schools, and agencies serving young people to empower them to attain personalized and equitable experiences and outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our innovative, personalized, and contextualized approach is rooted in the decades of experience our consultants have across a myriad of fields, from SEL, equity, and trauma-informed practices to curriculum planning, school design, and organizational leadership. From classrooms to central offices, we construct the ideal learning experience for your staff.

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This journal is an invitation to process and reflect each day, from the moments that make you laugh to the moments you need to process to forget. Because let's be real...teaching contains all that. It is intended to be simple, quick, and consistent, and when it becomes part of your daily routine it can bring pause, closure, and ritual to your day while providing documentation of your moods, memories, and patterns that can help you regulate, reflect, and grow as a person and professional.

Whether you use this yourself or gift it to your teacher BFF, the hope is that this journal helps you feel a little bit more seen and supported.

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Effectiveness Coaching

Our team of coaches can work with individual teachers or teams to support professional practices and achieving personal, data-driven goals!

Trauma-Responsive Schools

From inquiry-driven sessions to professional learning community cycles around specific topics, our team is ready to support your organization's goals.

Innovation Implementation

Now offering technical assistance and organizational consulting over a range of topics and goal areas to build capacity, innovate, redesign and shape culture!

Partnerships/Past Clients

power of context

All meaningful and enduring learning is constructed in a context that allows for rich application and authentic rigor. Each workshop and tool is designed with your environment in mind. We will meet with your team to deeply understand your circumstances to construct the ideal session.

necessity of personalization

Learning must hold relevance, be easily adaptable, and be individualized for students to maximize agency and growth. Each option under our Pathways of Service is a generalized starting point - from there we will custom construct packages to meet the needs of individual staff to teams and districts - even down to individualized coaching/mentoring/problem-solving.

impact of experience

Community-embedded, project-based, and inquiry-driven learning is vital to equitable outcomes and curious minds. We will help you build authentic and engaging experiences for your stakeholders that are embedded in experiences from your community, equipping your staff to sustain this model through ongoing partnerships.