Trauma-Responsive Systems

We know your work is deeply important, personal, and complex. We also know that your personal life impacts your work life and vice versa. Our vision is to provide professional learning services that humanize your experience and leave you and your staff feelings validated, empowered, and equipped to thrive - not only for yourselves but for the communities you serve.

These experiences are intended for our team to walk alongside your team through collaborative conversations, reflective practices, collective care, and wellbeing, or simply to serve as facilitators and support for change and curiosities!

Ideal for teams, departments, or public service agencies, our offerings include engaging learning workshops partnered with ongoing coaching or follow-up resources and support to actualize the learning in your context.

We provide training to those who serve populations living with trauma exploring neuroscience, developmental factors, habits, mindset, practices, and culture shifts to promote employee and student/client wellbeing.

We offer sessions focusing on student engagement, instructional systems, relationship building, classroom systems and more. These can also be modified to meet nonprofit or government agencies serving students.

Emphasizing belonging, responsiveness, collaboration and more, these sessions teach skills and strategies for leaders and teachers to connect and build authentic community with strong outcomes.

When burnout and staffing shortages are at an all time high, engage in professional learning around culture-building, well-being and investing in the individuals currently on your staff. Can be designed for leadership or staff directly.

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