We offer a range of services around system efficacy and redesign.

Our experienced consultants can partner to offer you a custom-constructed package to fit your environment and budget. We work with education thought leaders with on-the-ground, relevant experiences and who have pursued specific certifications or advanced degrees to grow their practice. 

Some samples include:

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Our team of coaches can work with individual teachers or teams to support professional practices and achieving personal, data-driven goals!

From full-day sessions to ongoing professional learning, we can work with you to learn, connect, and rethink what school can be!

Now offering technical assistance and organizational consulting over a range of topics and goal areas to build capacity, innovate, redesign and shape culture!

Pricing Structures

Our approach is a flat rate, all-expenses embedded approach that is clear and transparent from the start. Just like we custom-construct your training based on our themes and templates, we can also construct a price to align with your budgetary demands and goals. These pricing approaches can fall under each of our themes and workshops, just another way we construct what you need!


A consultant will come to your school (or Zoom in) to facilitate sessions with your staff, in sessions as short as half-day trainings for your mid-week staff development or multi-day workshops for school or district-based sessions. 


If digital and self-paced modules are your preference, constructED can create an asynchronous learning option for your staff professional learning, offer courses and certificates for CEUs, and build re-useable courses to continually unify staff vision. 

Resource Construction

Our consultants have developed tools and protocols for a myriad of needs aligning with each of our pathways: from whole-school experiences to staff development and curriculum redesign.