Effectiveness Coaching

constructED can collaborate with small grade level/departmental teams to whole school or district leadership teams to establish new habits, mindsets, and learning to grow culture and outcomes. We support schools moving towards specific goals, as well as through our personalized teacher efficacy rubrics to push critical thinking and growth across all levels of experience. 

We also work with individual teachers as you navigate the challenges of teaching in this season, focusing not only on instructional practices and skills but also on teacher and staff wellbeing, community building, and more.

Individual Coaching

If you're a teacher needing personalized support for your role, read our coaches' profiles to find your ideal professional mentor and set goals that align with the classroom you want to create!

School Contracts

Administrators looking for non-evaluative coaching cycles can rely on our coaches to develop rapport and support teachers' growth! Work with one specific coach, or allow your teachers to select their preferred coach using our platform.

Small Group Cycles

Maximize your professional learning communities with targeted mentorship! One of our coaches will work with your team (grade-level, content-alike, subcommittees, administrators, para-educators, and more) to explore research, set a goal, implement strategies and engage in deep reflection with the support of an expert teacher coach. Our team works diligently between sessions to curate the ideal experience for your team.

Individual and Team Coaching Models

We can facilitate a variety of coaching structures depending on building needs and goals:

New Teacher Mentorship

Offers one-on-one coaching and group learning for beginning teachers. This package will cover the gaps missed in teacher prep programs, from classroom management, trauma-informed practices, self-care and more. The goal is to empower new-to-the profession educators to keep them from becoming a statistic like so many who choose to leave the profession.

New teachers will:

Book Study Packages

Through meeting with a consultant, constructED will engage in a needs analysis with your leadership team to identify title(s) that will benefit your staff. In addition to identifying these resources, our team will facilitate discussions around the text, with tools and resources to help your staff implement the themes found in that book.

This can look like:

High Turnover to High Commitment

Is your building continually facing high staff turnover? This workshop can build capacity among your leaderships team to build a supportive staff culture to help teachers apply and stay at your school.

constructED will facilitate:

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If we can't facilitate it, we will gladly put you in contact with someone who can!