Meet the Team

Our consultants and coaches are experienced educators and educational leaders with practical knowledge to support teachers at any stage of their professional journey. We are currently accepting new clients for individual coaching, professional development sessions with follow-up coaching, or customized workshops for any size team.

Coaches adhere to commitments of innovative practices, empathetic listening, collaborative problem-solving, student-centered and equity-forward practices.

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Camille Iman Woods, M.Ed

Camille Iman is a designer, creative, and educator. She currently works as a Learning Designer at Latitude 37.8 high school and would love to work with you around:

Samantha Jayne

Sam has led literacy work at all levels of education, from the classroom to intervention to district coaching. She is excited to work with you around:

Dr. Mary Conage

Mary is a retired educator and consultant with decades in education from the classroom to coaching and district-level leadership. She is available to work with you on:

Leigh Ann Erickson, M.Ed

Leigh Ann is a teacher, facilitator and State Teacher of the Year finalist for 2019, leading equity and antiracist work across the country. She would love to partner with you on:

Adam Cole

Adam is an innovator, problem-solver and analytical thinker versed in project-based learning who current works as a STEM teacher and coach in the Midwest. He is open to coaching around:

Brianna Young, M.Ed

Brianna is a strategic thinker and relationship-driven coach. She is passionate about creative learning environments and is eager to work with you on:

Andrea Velasquez, M.Ed

Andrea is a teacher, curriculum writer, and educational leader, as well as a proud mom to a twice-exceptional learner. She would love to partner with you on:

Results and Reviews

"Our organization was able to engage in deeper reflection and rethink old methodologies and systems in actionable ways. While the goals were intended to equip teachers, leadership was also heavily impacted and were able to make shifts in thinking and practices as a result of these supports." - Professional Learning Client, San Francisco

"I feel equipped to have deep conversations with leadership to advocate for my students in new ways." - Coaching Client

"I feel equipped with tools and ideas to impact wider change at my school, starting with me!" - Coaching Client