Meet Samantha!

Samantha Jayne is currently a practicing teacher in Southeastern Wisconsin. In the past decade, Samantha’s experiences have ranged from co-teaching and serving in secondary English classes, becoming a reading interventionist, assuming the role of the English Learners Specialists within her district, and serving as an interim-literacy coach. All of her roles are based on data-driven instruction, coaching, and problem-solving. In her array of experiences and expertise, Samantha has been able to see how education works from a variety of levels, has experience developing curriculum based directly on student data, and creating change in overarching structures within a district. Her goal is to empower all learners to be independent through the implementation and sharing of best literacy practices!

Areas of Support:

  • Intervention Based Coaching and Structural Design: Does your school need guidance on where to start with the Reading and Writing Intervention Process? In large group, small group, or individualized coaching, we can work with your school to develop an instructional plan, collect and monitor data, and take responsive action for students within your reading intervention structures.

  • Tier 1 & 2 Literacy Strategies for the Content Areas: Literacy is complex, but that does not mean our instructional practices have to be. Based on numerous years of research and practice, learn about and directly implement small shifts in instructional practices that can create empowered readers and allow for changes toward personalized learning. Learn about strategies that have a large impact on all students' access to various texts and practices.