Consulting Services

Our consultants carry experience and expertise in a range of topics. We offer leadership coaching, technical assistance, problem-solving protocols, and other customized consulting opportunities.

Our consulting and training services also extend beyond education into supporting nonprofits, agencies, municipalities, and more!

Data Dig Workshops

Get the most out of your data to meet personal and district goals, as well as plan effectively for the future. constructED will lead your staff through a variety of data analysis protocols and strategies that help keep the data human and student-centered, while writing goals targeted at growth.

Advanced Trauma-Informed Practices

Taking theory into practice, this session guides participants through research and application of trauma informed approaches through the lens of school systems, classroom management, and builds a toolkit of strategies and resources for staff to implement.


  • Analyze normal developmental patterns against trauma-responses

  • Critique existing classroom systems

  • Develop a trauma-informed response plan in lowest-level teams (pod, grade level, content, etc.)

Implementing Community & Restorative Circles

Circles are the ideal classroom tool for teachers to build a safe, trusting community in their classrooms. Beyond that, circles can also serve as a way to restore relationships between students and staff when harm has been caused. Practice these research-backed approaches as a staff, and leave the session with a toolkit to help implement in classrooms.

Facilitator has been trained with the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP).

MTSS Construction

This strategic visioning workshop allows your leadership team/staff to gain clarity on how to most effectively support all students and guides staff to developing system and protocols that keep students and their needs at the center.

Session can be customized around:

  • Defining your tiers of support

  • Planning supports for each tier

  • Core subject identifiers or SEB identifiers

  • Building-wide protocols: meeting strategies, discussion resources, diagnostic tools

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